Car Doctor, auto repairs, specialising in car diagnostics for 4 wheel drive Range Rover, Volvo, Land Rover

Hunters Tweed, Scotland UK
An up-market tweed manufacturing company with high-end tweed clothing range, lifetsyle products including the hunting and shooting set. See

Balnagown Estates
For a luxury accommodation brand including cottages to hunting lodges run by Mohammed Al Fayed

Falls of Shin
A part of the same Mohammed Al Fayed empire, for the ‘Harrods of the North’, an outlet of upmarket goods and restaurant

Inverness Book Festival
A new idenity for a new book festival which began life in 2003 in Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

Inverness Film Festival
A new idenity for a new film festival which began life in 2003 in Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

Kessock Equine Vets
A unique vetinary service specialising in equine care, dental and hygiene

Kilmorack Gallery
A world class gallery near Beauly in the Highlands exhbiting top names including exhibitions in Cork Street

Kinmylies Medical Practice
An enterprising medical practice set up in Inverness catering for all in the nieghbourhood

A successful architectural shading firm specialising in sun protection UK wide

Moniack Mhor
Part of the Arvon Foundation, a creative Writing Centre in the heart of the Highlands

Norman Strachan Video
An enterprising production company branching into satnav and news broadcasting.

Identity for upmarket ‘zen’ style new age image conscious products with a Japanese slant

A specialist firm dealing in the secure transfer of money on a global scale

A Singapore based firm concentrating in PR and communications. (The red square character in Chinese means ‘mouth’/speech).

Identity for government initiative promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects in schools

Strathpeffer Pavilion
For a renovation project involving the total restoration of Victoria Spa in the Highlands

Aquaculture 2014
Created for a new event set Aviemore catering for the international aquaculture industry in Scotland. The colourful modern look was to attract a global audience in a lucrative global industry and is now in it’s fourth successful bi-annual year.

Cafe Morocca/4 Points Sheraton, Tripoli, Libya
Identity created in-house for the Cafe Morocco, a modern style cafe with authentic twist reflected in the resulting logo reflecting the demure tastes as per the tastefully decorated interiors for it’s well travelled clientele.

Bloody Scotland, Scotland UK
The first crime-writing festival for Scotland, this identity was created for a modern audience and for the attending contemporary writers, Iain Rankin etc. A clean modern look with a bloody twist reflecting the illustrious literary and darker side of crime-writing in Scotland.

M&A Dive Distributors, Malta
M&A Dive Distributors were looking for a new clean look whilst encompassing their business diversity including dive gear accessories and distribution, servicing of compressors, and super-yacht servicing.

Lisa Wilkerson Handbags USA
The client was looking for a diverse and artistic look for her range of handmade handbags, all of which are unique and hand painted. She commented that the identity was like her art - ‘from the heart and passionate!’ See

Rhue Art, Scotland, UK
Rhue Art celebrates diverse, contemporary art by established and emerging artists whose work encompasses painting, film-making, prints, photography, textiles and sculpture. The client wished for classic with modern - this is the result.

Nereidon, Germany
Nereidon is a new outdoor wear company specialising in dive t-shirts and clothing with a view to expansion world-wide into other water-sport related markets. The contemporary feel and ‘cool’ factor is exactly the result the client wished for.

Is a mobile game authoring and publishing platform making it accessible to write and run location based mobile games, either in HTML5 or as native iPhone or Android apps. The identity is fresh, modern and implies the links and locational touch.

Sleat - A Taste of Skye, Scotland, UK
Proposed logo for one-off promotional campaign for the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. The event was a great success and the logo was adapted and now forms part of a permanent fixture for the area.

Alwadi Communications, Tripoli, Libya (UK and Arabic versions)
Established itself by providing telecommunication services including GSM engineering. A young and modern company paving the way in the New Libya, the client required an identity encompassing it’s wide range of integrated services in IT. A fresh identity encompassing it’s wide range of integrated services in IT.

Maha Ventures, Brighton, UK
Are creative technologists who specialise in using mobile devices to connect people with places, products and brands by merging the physical and digital worlds. A modern but restrained identity as befits an umbrella company in this emerging market.

Sixareen, Dornoch, Scotland
The client runs a copywriting and heritage interpretive business and was looking for a grounded and memorable look based on the name of a Shetland fishing boat implying teamwork.

New Libya, Tripoli, Libya
An international exhibitions company wished to cement a sympathy with the new regime and to bring a fresh new look to accompany its exhibition promotions in Tripoli. The resulting logo is centred on the new national flag which was per brief and will be used as supporting logo for all exhibitions material planned for 2012/13.

New Libya Healthcare
Creating a new exhibitions identity for an Healthcare exhibition encompassing everything from technology and regeneration to investment and reserach in the New Libya, Tripoli, Libya for 2012